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Monday, June 18th, 2018

Who's Minding the Store?

 Ownership - Meet the Replogle Family
 Three Generations Dedicated to Service and Satisfaction!

  The Replogle Family has run the restaurant since 1965! Pictured here is Mary Ellen Replogle, the first generation host for your dining pleasure, now retired. The second generation Charley Replogle and his wife Mary Walsh Replogle took the reins in the early 1980's, and are still very active in our day-to-day operations. Currently, you'll see the third generation Joey Replogle greeting you at the door and making sure the behind-the-scenes activity is up to par. All in all, this family is very "hands-on" and present!

 Our Front of the House Managers

  Night Management Team - Beth Walsh Eriksen, Andrea Fecteau, and Laura Mitchell

Beth Walsh Eriksen wears a variety of hats due to her long-time commitment to the Ocean Grill. Beth started with the restaurant in 1984, and has served in all phases of front of the house management, as well as running the kitchen line for a few years. In addition to working out front with the staff and the guests, Beth maintains the website, orders smallwares, handles the busy reservation policies, oversees donations and gift prizes for non-profits, and miscellaneous duties to facilitate smooth operation.

Andrea Fecteau has been with the Ocean Grill since late 2002. Starting as a member of the evening wait staff, Andrea moved onto the management team when an opening became available. Andrea has a talent for greeting people at the front door on the busiest of nights, and she's known for her on-time wait predictions and infectious smile. (Give her a minute and she might show you a photo of her beautiful grandsons who live far away in Hawaii.) Though she acts the part of "hostess with the mostest", Andrea is a qualified and capable manager with strong follow-through and dedication to the details that make fine dining an art form. Andrea interviews, hires and schedules our night wait staff, as well. 

Laura Mitchell came to the Grill as a member of our waitstaff. With years of experience, she took good care of our guests and worked as a strong part of our team. In 2014, Laura was offered and accepted a position on our management team. She is growing in strength and understanding of our busy restaurant from a new perspective, and promises to be an asset to our organization for years to come. Laura interviews, hires and schedules our front-of-the-house assistant service staff like buspeople, hosts, and demi-waiters.


 Lunch Manager - Tasha Milliman
When you join us for lunch Monday through Friday, chances are good you'll be greeted by the face of Tasha Milliman. Tasha began her career at the Ocean Grill as a night waiter. When the opening for Lunch Manager became open, her name made the top of the list. Dedicated to the customer and to the food quality, Tasha is organized and energetic. Always quick with a smile, Tasha will welcome you and make you feel at home. Stop by midday and see her soon.

Our Kitchen Managers
Night Manager - Scott Rupert

Scott Rupert has been with the Ocean Grill since 2012. The beauty of his story is that his wife has been an Ocean Grill customer for many years, traveling to Vero Beach annually for family vacation. When they decided they wanted to make the big move to Florida and settle here, Scott knew immediately where he wanted to use his culinary talents. His calm demeanor and determined approach to overviewing each and every entree that leaves our kitchen make him a real prize.

Day Manager - Dexter Taylor
Dexter Taylor came to our team in 1975 as a busboy. As years went by he was constantly promoted and always looking for more hours so he could provide for his family. Dishwasher, prep cook, lunch cook, night line cook - you name it, and Dexter has done it. The years with the company has given him an overview of how our kitchen operates and a comraderie with staff and purveyors. Spending a lot of time with the Replogle family made Dex adept at knowing the quality we seek in our products. This makes him a natural at ordering and inventory. His entire career has been in our kitchen, and this has benefited all of us, customer and staff alike!

Management Support Team

Mary Ann Simpson is our Office Manager. Employed initially as a night server in 1991, Mary Ann moved into the office in 1996. Due to her previous experience and her attention to detail, Mary Ann was readily able to step into the new position. Her knowledge of the restaurant industry made her and incredible asset as she manages the hidden side of our high-volume business.

Barbie Hendricks is our Bookkeeper. When she came to work at the Grill in 1990, she worked four nights a week as a door hostess. Barbie was a natural at greeting our guests warmly and accurately managing our wait list. In 2000, Barbie came onboard full-time in the office to use her skills balancing the books and the daily receipts.

Heather Sanders is our Gift Shop Manager. Hired in 1986 as a teen-aged busperson, Heather has worked her way through the restaurant by tackling and becoming proficient in the roles of hostess, cashier, demi-waiter, bar back, cocktail waitress, bartender, and waitress. Naturally, when an opening came up on our management team, Heather was the perfect fit.



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